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How Slack rearchitected its system to achieve zero downtime and improve latency, reliability and availability

By Bing Wei

In 2016, Slack faced a problem: the load on its backend servers had increased by 1,000x. Bing Wei explains how rearchitecting the system with lazy loading, a publish/subscribe model, and an ...

Case Study: How Pinterest Built a Stream Processing Platform with Apache Flink

By Chen Qin

Facing rapid growth and competition in its online business, Pinterest had to evolve its data stack from offline-only ETL batch jobs to near-real-time big data applications. But stateful stream processing is ...

Case Study: How Honeycomb used Serverless to Speed Up Its Servers

By Jessica Kerr

At Honeycomb, customers send lots of data and then compose complex, ad hoc queries. Most are simple, some are not, and some are really not. The load is complex, spontaneous, and ...

Observability at Google

By Jaana B. Dogan

Google has been doing microservices observability for more than a decade. Jaana Burcu Dogan outlines key approaches in instrumenting Google's services, shares best practices and lessons learned related to patterns, UX, ...

Case Study: How Tools & Solutions Survived a Ransomware Attack

By Partha Majumdar

With the large number of high-profile incidents in the last few years, you’ve likely heard of ransomware attacks—a type of cybercrime where hackers use malware to encrypt network files, locking users ...

How Lightstep Implemented Observability

By Daniel Spoons Spoonhower

Observability is a hot topic in software engineering, but how do we decouple what’s useful from the hype? This case study will examine how Lightstep engineering adopted new practices and tools, ...