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May 11, 2023

Real-World Python by Example

Presented by Nicholas Russo

A No-Nonsense, Example-Based Python Course Practical learning with 90% code examples and reviews + 10% theory and concepts for a task-oriented and fun class See how features work in concert so ...

April 11, 2023

Python Full Throttle with Paul Deitel: A One-Day, Fast-Paced, Code-Intensive Python Presentation

Presented by Paul Deitel

Dive into Python using your object-oriented programming knowledge and get up to speed on Python 3.7+. Includes several new Python 3.8 – 3.10 language features. Live instruction by Paul Deitel, bestselling ...

April 20, 2023

Threading in Python

Presented by Lee Gaines

How to use threading to create fast and efficient applications In a world where speed of delivery is a high priority, it’s important to be able to make your Python applications ...

April 6, 2023

Programming with Python: Beyond the Basics

Presented by Arianne Dee

How to Write a Web Scraper in Python This training is meant as a next step after Arianne’s Introduction to Python Programming Live Training course. In it, you will go beyond ...

April 13, 2023

Python Decorators

Presented by Trey Hunner

Using the @ Symbol In this course, you’ll: Understand decorator syntax Learn common decorator uses Get hands-on with decorators Ever seen a line like “@something” before a function or class definition ...

April 5, 2023

Python Comprehensions and Generator Expressions

Presented by Trey Hunner

An introduction to two powerful and often misused Python features In this course, you’ll: Identify opportunities to refactor your code into a comprehension Identify places a generator and a reducer function ...